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Architecture Studio

Leticia Fernandez Garcia

  • Architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid
  • Master in Conservation and Restoration of Architectural and Urban Heritage from ETSAM
Habitar Arquitectura - Apartment

Architectural services

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We give new life to historic and aging buildings, preserving their essence while adapting them to modern needs. 

Our experience in comprehensive rehabilitation guarantees the transformation of spaces with respect for history and present functionality.

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Heritage conservation

Our passion is to preserve architectural heritage. We work to preserve buildings with historical value, ensuring that future generations can enjoy their beauty and meaning. 

We take care of every detail with an unwavering commitment.

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Technical and expert reports

Our deep knowledge of pathologies in buildings allows us to offer solid and precise technical reports and expert opinions. 

We are the trusted source for assessing the condition of buildings and providing crucial technical information.